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Regular maintenance helps to identify and repair problems before they cause breakdowns.

Having a regular provider that is familiar with your equipment and it's "quirks: saves time and money.

"A well maintained system runs more efficiently, avoiding costly repairs, and reducing energy consumption"

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Spring & Fall

  • A/C- Schedule in late winter or early spring before "Cooling Season"
  • Furnace - Schedule in late summer or early fall before "Heating Season"

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Energy Efficiency


Improve your Home or Business energy costs by 

Purchasing ENERGY STAR® 

Certified Products

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What you can do


Air flow is of upmost importance for proper working HVAC Systems 

  • Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat
  • Change furnace filters regularly - Use quality, pleated filters;  Generally every 90 days for quality pleated filters
  • Household Pets?  Change filters every 2 months
  • Allergies?  Change every 6 weeks
  • Keep an 18-36 inch air space on all sides of A/C Unit
  • Prune back bushes & tree branches around and above the A/C Unit
  • Keep the outdoor coil clean by not allowing dirt/mulch/debris to block the coil
  • Cover the outdoor A/C Unit when not in use seasonally

Air Care was easy to contact to make an appointment.  Steve called to tell me he was on his way and showed up when he said he would.  He did a thorough check of our A/C system.  

We switched to Air Care last year because technicians from other companies were not well trained and missed problems, even causing new problems with our units.  

We cannot be happier with Air Care!  

The quick responsiveness, skill, and professionalism is top notch!

- Louise H.  Indianapolis

Suggested Energy Efficient Practices & Service Agreement

Cooling Efficiency Tips


  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Make sure attic is ventilated properly
  • Vacuum and clean all air ducts
  • Block sunlight during the hottest part of sunny days with curtains or blinds
  • Change ceiling fan settings
  • Cook outside!
  • Select Energy Efficient appliances
  • Service A/C Unit annually

Heating Efficiency Tips


  • Maintain proper insulation throughout the home
  • Seal air leaks around windows, doors, and outer walls
  • Caulk & Install weather stripping around windows & doors
  • Change ceiling fan settings to winter
  • Clear vents from dirt and obstruction
  • Lower thermostat during large gatherings
  • Lock windows and doors to keep air from wafting outside

Water Heater Efficiency Tips


  • Purchase an ENERGY STAR® rated Water Heater
  • Water heaters are "the second highest source of energy use in the home."
  • Add 3/8 inch thick foam pipe insulation to match the pipes' diameter to help prevent condensation
  • Adjust the settings to 120 degrees
  • Turn off or adjust the thermostat when leaving on vacation for more than 3 days
  • Drain the tank and wash out the sediment

The above tips are general suggestions

Air Care Heating & Cooling Indianapolis is not responsible for user error or system malfunctions.